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HP Latex 360 Printer Price

$23,995.00 $18,995.00

HP Latex 360 Printer Price 

When we ask our customers what is the main thing stopping them for purchasing the printer they need for their company, the answer is always the same: the price. We at AGIS Web understand how difficult it can be to find an affordable printer, which is why we aim to help make it easy for our customers. We emphasize providing the best priced printers on the market for our customers, with listing prices you can’t find anywhere else. The HP Latex 360, one of our most popular HP printers, is no exception. The MSRP for the 360 model is $23,995, but through AGIS Web, customers can benefit from a HP Latex 360 printer price of $18,995. 

HP Latex 360 Specifications

The HP Latex 360 is definitely one of HP’s most impressive models. The printer allows for indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of media. For example, customers can print on vinyls, banners, vehicle wraps, and more. The printer can print up to 978 ft2/hr, and is an incredible 64” wide. The HP Latex 360 printer price is incredible, when considering all the benefits involved. The HP Latex 360 printer price is particularly impressive when purchased through AGIS Web, as customers can save $5000 through the sale price.  Customers will also see such benefits instantly, with high speed prints that dry in an instant, and come out consistently as sharp, long lasting images, guaranteed to impress your own customers. Businesses we provide printers love how HP printers allow them to prove to their customers that there is nothing they can’t do for them. Customers come back time and time again when you provide them with great prints, ready on time for each order.

HP Latex Printers vs Solvent Based Printers

HP Latex Printers including the HP Latex 360 stand out in the printing market, as other printers sold are solvent based, and simply put, not as impressive. AGIS Web chose to partner with HP for their incredible selection of Latex Printers that utilize water based inks. Such water based printing processes allow for odorless, high quality and speed prints, that do not use hazardous components. Solvent Based Printers use harmful components including HAPs and nickel. Also customers that use such solvent based printers have to worry about going against environmental regulations, potentially harming the longevity of their business. The HP Latex 360 printer price is even more impressive when you consider how it outperforms solvent based printers. Be unstoppable. Prove to your customers you can help them achieve any prints they desire, and do so at an affordable HP Latex 360 printer price. 
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