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Mimaki TS300P-1800 wide format dye sublimation inkjet printer


What does the printer do?

It’s a wide-format roll-fed inkjet printer, printing dye-sublimation inks onto transfer paper up to 1,950mm wide. It is supplied fully specified for this type of work as standard, rather than needing add-on modifications. It can be used for any dye-sublimation applications, including polyester and mixed-fabric textiles, tabletops, tiles and metal panels (as long as they are powder coated with polyester).

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?

The launch was at Fespa in Cologne in May. Mike Horstern, Mimaki EMEA’s general manager of marketing, says: “The target is the mid-market segment for dye-sublimation printers. There are a lot of entry-level machines and a lot at the high-end, but very little in the middle. It gives you speed, quality and reliability, but it doesn’t have the industrial capacity. There are more features than entry-level machines.

“It’s not really for soft signage, definitely not a flag machine. In general it’s for fashion, curtains, tiles, metals and tabletops.”