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AGIS is one of the few nationwide authorized HP Resellers in Los Angeles. With our acclaimed expertise and by partnering with world class large format printing manufacturer like HP, we utilize a full array of solutions to drive the efficiency that works for your business.

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AGIS sells Large Format Printers, supplies, accessories, delivers unrivaled service and maintenance in the print and imaging industry. Our custom large format printing services helps you realize outstanding prints that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as retail signs, trade show posters, banners, wallpaper murals, floor decals, window graphics, and wall graphics.

Large Format Printer Store

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AGIS provides Full Large Format Printing Store at your fingertips.We offer a diverse line of wide format solutions designed for speed, flexibility, and unsurpassed quality at a lower cost-per-print. As a top HP Reseller, AGIS dedicates a full fledged online store backed with a fully dedicated account management team to satisfy all your grand format printing needs. AGIS enables you to purchase new printers,large format printing media, supplies or accessories 24/7, nationwide, with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Full Printer Service Center

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Our authorized service and support sets us apart. With a dedicated team to serve your business needs, we deliver the best service with our certified, factory-trained service representatives and offer our clients an unprecedented 4 hour support time to make sure our clients are up and running. We will send out a technician to fix your printer for any issue, within 4 hours. AGIS maintains an inventory of parts to help get you back into production as quickly as possible.

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Since 1996, AGIS provides top end service to customers in the large format printing industry.

About Us

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Advanced Graphic Imaging Solutions (AGIS) is a Los Angeles based large format printing company. AGIS’ mission is to provide customers with the best equipment, supplies, service and maintenance in the large format printing industry.